We've got a race. Shawn Liska is running for Steinbach City Council. 

With Liska's nomination now official, there are seven people vying for six Steinbach council seats in the upcoming municipal election. 

Liska says he is a longtime resident of Steinbach and would like to get more involved. 

“I have been here the majority of my life. I received my education here at the Steinbach regional high school as well as a degree from Red River at the Steinbach campus in Business Administration that I received in 2005.” 

He adds “People who know me will tell you that I am a really hard worker. I am passionate about this town and I am ready to get my hands dirty and get right into making this town as great as it can be.” 

Liska says you may have seen him driving around Steinbach delivering pizza. He adds this job gives him an opportunity to connect with many residents and he would like to bring that connection to the community to Steinbach City Council.  

“Something that is important to me is community engagement. I would love for the residents in Steinbach to not be afraid to share their concerns with city council and become more involved in how this town is developing.” 

Liska encourages residents to visit his website at shawnliska.com, find his contact information and reach out directly.  

Affordable housing, economic growth, and improved traffic and pedestrian safety are all issues Liska would like to focus on if he is elected. He notes he would also like to see the city bring back commercial recycling services. 

“Businesses pay taxes. They should get recycling services instead of having to throw everything in the dumpster.” He adds “there are a lot of small businesses that I am aware of that go through a literal ton of cardboard which I feel could be properly recycled and there are opportunities that come from recycling services that could be expanded in this town.” 

Liska notes he doesn't have any radical ideas to reinvent how government works, but he wants to help Steinbach flourish and grow. He notes he is particularly excited about the new event centre and the great opportunities it presents for the city. 

Finally, Liska says “You can count on me to deliver results as well as I deliver your pizza!”