With a focus on public safety and fiscal responsibility, Steinbach City Councillor Jake Hiebert is running for re-election. 

Hiebert says these past four years have flown by and notes working with council has been very rewarding. 

“Everyone is doing a great job ensuring the city is operating efficiently, effectively, and as much as possible, that we are good stewards of the tax-payer's money.” 

Hiebert says he is quite pleased with all that has been accomplished in this past term with a number of significant projects going ahead including the Southeast Event Centre, Resthaven expansion, and intersection renewal at Brandt and Loewen. 

Many of Hiebert’s priorities from four years ago remain the same. 

"Things that I ran on last time and I continue to emphasize are things like public safety where I whole-heartedly continue to support the police department, the fire department, and paramedics. What has been important to me is fiscal restraint and responsibility in utilizing the tax-payer's money wisely, and making the right decision the priority.” 

Hiebert says his priorities also include transparency, integrity, and policies that promote growth in Steinbach’s business community.  

Shortly after Hiebert was first elected to city council back in 2018, he notes he was appointed to the Seine Rat Roseau Watershed District, which he now chairs. He is also now vice-chairman of the Manitoba Association of Watersheds which he says has 500 members and a $40M budget. 

Hiebert says this has provided him with the opportunity to do some very meaningful work.  

“Steinbach will probably remember some of the work that we have done around here including the retention ponds in the Deerfield area as well as the $120k we spent on stabilizing the banks at the Mennonite Heritage Village. Conservation does a lot of work not just in Steinbach but in the surrounding areas which ultimately affects us directly or indirectly as well.” 

Having been a police officer for many years and eventually staff sergeant in Steinbach, Hiebert says he believes his diversity of experience is a valuable asset at Steinbach City Council. 

“I have lived across Canada from Vancouver to Halifax, I have served in many different cultures and ethnic groups, and I have served governments at all three levels.” He adds “I believe that I have much to offer leading the city to ensure the City of Steinbach moves forward to the benefit of the citizens of this community and the many tax-payers. As a note, I would just like to say that I encourage people to get out and vote and if you vote for me, that is a bonus.”