Michael Zwaagstra will be seeking a fifth term on Steinbach City Council in this fall's municipal election. 

Zwaagstra was first elected back in 2006. 

"I have certainly enjoyed my time on council so far. It has been a great opportunity to be a part of the decisions that are happening in the city and if I am re-elected this fall, I am hoping to be able to continue playing that role within our city."

Having been a part of the planning process, Zwaagstra says he would like to see the Southeast Event Centre through to fruition along with a number of other projects. 

"There are major infrastructure projects happening in the city, for example, the reconstruction of the Loewen and Brandt intersection, that one has been a long time coming and we are planning for that to happen next year. So, obviously, I want to see infrastructure continue to be a top priority and I am hoping that we will be able to attract more industry to our city."

If elected, Zwaagstra says he will continue to put emphasis on the core fundamentals such as city services, infrastructure, and maintenance. 

"One of the key values is fiscal responsibility. This is something I have been very clear on throughout my term on council, I do my best to keep taxes as low as possible because I recognize that they are a challenge particularly when you have a limited income or fixed income. I certainly believe that we need to bring a common-sense approach to city governance. I believe in focusing on the basics, the things that actually matter." 

As we head toward the municipal election this coming October, Zwaagstra says he is hoping to earn the support of Steinbach voters as he seeks another term on council. 

"I never take it for granted, it is always an honour to be elected to serve on council and I certainly look forward to speaking to many people over the coming months as we head into a municipal election. There are obviously important choices to be made and I certainly do hope to earn everyone's trust and confidence."