After some deliberation, Bill Hiebert has decided to run for re-election.

Hiebert has served on Steinbach's city council for one term.  

"I had second thoughts a couple of months ago as to whether I should run again and all of a sudden realized I won't see the completion of a lot of projects including the rec centre which I really anticipated. The other thing is, it takes four years of training to really get to a comfortable spot. I am at the spot right now where I feel comfortable, where I got to know how things work and so I look forward to serving another four years."

The Southeast Event Centre in particular is close to Hiebert’s heart. He notes it is one of the main reasons he chose to run for council in the first place. 

"As a volunteer for the Steinbach Pistons for several years, I realized our Centennial Arena, being over 50 years old, did not fit the standard for a progressive city.” He adds “I listened to other people talk about the plans and the needs for a new rec centre and with encouragement from friends and several local business people, I decided that I would get involved by joining in on the decision-making."

Hiebert notes a shortage of beds in seniors’ care facilities, and a sidewalk to the Clearspring Greens community were also priorities. He notes fortunately, he’s been able to see a lot of progress in all of these areas.  

Looking forward, Hiebert says he will continue being an advocate for the community on city council. 

"My priorities are to hear people out, to listen to people out, to listen to people and respect their requests and take them to council and hopefully bring some of those requests to fruition."

Hiebert adds he is excited to begin knocking on doors and talking with residents. 

"My family is behind me on this, which is really important to me as well. My wife Darlene is key on this. Working together as a couple and as a family is important."