A recent community poll has revealed that most residents would favour converting the current three-way stop into a roundabout.

The poll, published on SteinbachOnline.com Monday morning, garnered hundreds of responses, with more than 54 per cent advocating for the installation of a roundabout. This option was overwhelmingly preferred over maintaining the status quo.

The roundabout option, seen by many as a modern and efficient solution, promises to streamline traffic flow and reduce wait times during peak hours.

Poll results as of Monday afternoonPoll results as of Monday afternoon

Callers to the MIX 96.7FM Morning Show with Corny Rempel echoed the results of the poll.

Dan said the roundabout would be best. “Keep the flow going better as long as the people understand how a roundabout works.”

Eddie agreed with Dan on the efficiency of roundabouts.

“The best way to handle traffic flows. You don't have to stop. Should have a roundabout everywhere. ”

However, not everyone is convinced. Annette thought the three-way stop was the best solution.

“The reason why is because traffic is always busy, but it's not always busy going the same way.”

Motorists wait at the Loewen Boulevard and Hespeler Street intersectionMotorists wait at the Loewen Boulevard and Hespeler Street intersection

According to Aaron Rach, Steinbach’s Head Engineer, a roundabout at the Loewen and Hespeler intersection could be part of a long-term solution. “In my opinion, it would be a good candidate for a roundabout. So, it is something we have been working towards.”

Steinbach’s only roundabout is just a few blocks away at Ashford Lane and Brighton Lane near the Clearspring Middle School.

The roundabout at Ashford and Brighton LanesThe roundabout at Ashford and Brighton Lanes

with files from Corny Rempel