Steinbach City Councillor Damian Penner is excited to announce he is seeking re-election. 

“After a lot of thought and deliberation with my wife and looking at the future within our house, having two young kids, a lot of thought went into this but I am very happy to say that I am looking forward to hopefully serving the community of Steinbach for another term.” 

Penner says he feels council has accomplished quite a lot in the last four years. He notes projects like the Southeast Event Centre have attracted the most attention, but there have been many other highlights as well. 

When he first campaigned four years ago, Penner notes he pushed hard for affordable recreation. With that in mind, he says he is very pleased with the dog park and basketball court projects which have now been completed at L.A. Barkman Park. 

In addition, Penner says “I was adamant about trying to get an economic development officer into Steinbach and we have managed to set that office up in partnership with the chamber.” 

The responsible use of taxpayer money.  

Looking forward, Damian Penner says this remains his number one focus. 

“My priority, and it has been from day 1, is an understanding and a knowledge that the city does not generate revenue. The only money that we have is brought in from the rate-payers and so every decision that is made is looking toward the investment and the return and how this is going to build our city for all of its residents. I don’t take that burden lightly. Everybody works hard for their income and no tax dollar can be squandered.” 

Secondly, Penner says if elected, he will continue to push for strategic infrastructure to support future development. He notes not only will this help the city grow, but having more housing available should help with affordability as well. 

“Really, I just want to get across that I am working toward a better Steinbach. I have listened to all of the concerns that have come in and I take them to heart. I just want to keep on working to build the city so that my kids have a wonderful place to live in one day.” 

Penner says he hopes to have gained the confidence of voters and looks forward to serving Steinbach moving forward.