The fall migration is underway for many species of birds, and it means amateur wildlife photographer Jen Normand is having a great time capturing images of birds she does not often see. 

“We had a lot of cedar waxwings in our yard this year, that was nice. I noticed the redheaded woodpeckers, which are absolutely beautiful.”

Red-headed woodpecker.(Photo Credit: Jen Normand)

She has also spent a lot of time focusing on hawks. 

“There has been a ton of hawks. I guess they’re all growing up now, the juveniles, which is exciting for me because they actually allow me to photograph them, they don’t fly away right away.” 

When Normand is asked to talk about favourite photos within her collection which contains thousands of images, it is an impossible choice. 

“There’s definitely some that excite me. The bald eagle ones, with their wings, will always be my favourite. The coyotes, that was cool. The fox, the eagles, the hawks, they’re all my favourite... I love them.”

Hawk sitting on a fence post.(Photo Credit: Jen Normand)

The New Bothwell resident has been photographing wildlife for only a few years and is working to hone her skills. 

“I’ve had people tell me that I’m improving over time, which is a huge compliment. I’m not trying to be perfectionist, but I do like a good photo, and I am picky." 

Normand finds wildlife photography to be a great way to focus on the beauty that surrounds us. 

“Photography is my passion in life. I love it!” 


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