Marianas Trench Frontman Josh Ramsay and Drummer Ian Casselman joined Kenton Dyck on the Drive Home on MIX 96 last week just as they kicked off The Force of Nature Tour.

The interview covered everything from getting ready for a lengthy tour, Ian Casselman watching Ramsay perform from the audience for the first time ever, and the heroes journey! Watch or listen to the whole interview below.

The four-man band has been making hits since the early 2000s breaking onto the scene with their debut album Fix Me in 2006 and blowing up in popularity with the release of their second album Masterpiece Theatre in 2009. Since then, Marianas Trench has been a staple of the Canadian Music scene releasing hit after hit including Who Do You Love, Stutter, Desperate Measures, Rhythm of Your Heart, Fallout and so many more!

Their latest album, Lighting and Thunder was released in May of this year and Marianas Trench is back to touring for the first time since the COVID 19 pandemic.

Just last year, Josh Ramsay actually joined Kenton Dyck as he released his first solo album, The Josh Ramsay Show, which he wrote and recorded as a pandemic project! Watch that here.

Enjoy Josh Ramsay and Ian Casselman: