A couple from Steinbach is thankful to have missed the large cloud of wasps that interrupted the Winnipeg Goldeyes ball game on Sunday. 

Dan and Tahnee Hoff were sitting a few rows away from the excitement and were able to remain in their seats while other fans had to move out of the way.

They saw a huge swarm of wasps migrate from the stands near first base and then over to the infield. 

Tahnee says they watched as the players moved toward second base, trying to get out of the way. 

Dan guesses the cloud of wasps might have been around 15 feet in diameter. 

“They didn’t disperse at all,” he says. “They stayed as a swarm as they moved across the field.” 

Play resumed after around 10 or 15 minutes when the wasps moved toward the outfield, Dan notes. 

“They went out to the far outfield to the right and were hanging around that player, and they didn’t stop play for him,” Tahnee recalls with a laugh. 

Tahnee has allergies and was thankful she had her EpiPen with her, but even more thankful that she didn’t need to use it. She notes that in all their years of attending Goldeyes' games, they have never experienced anything like this.

As for the game itself, the Goldeyes lost 8-5 to Fargo-Moorhead. Despite the loss, the Hoffs say it was a good game.