Large flocks of bald eagles have been spotted here in the Southeast and photographers are impressed by the numbers. 

Eagle migration this fall is proving to be quite an exciting time for Jen Normand who grew up in New Bothwell. 

“I’ve just noticed in the past couple of years a lot more than there has been throughout my life here,” she says. 

Normand says her dad was always fascinated by the eagle, and now that he has passed away, these sightings are extra special for her.

A bald eagle in the sunlight.This has been a good year to photograph bald eagles in the New Bothwell area. Jen Normand says she has never before seen this many eagles at her place. (Photo Credit: Jennifer Normand.)

 “It makes me feel like I still have a bond with my dad,” she says. 

Normand has noticed more eagles recently near her home, saying they have been perching on her trees everyday this fall. 

She started photographing the majestic birds this spring when she noticed larger flocks in the area. 

“It just kind of blew my mind to see that many eagles considering there haven't been many over the years that I've been here,” Normand says. 

Thorunn Richter lives in Winnipeg and heard about the large flocks of eagles in the Southeast, so she and her husband decided to take a drive, and they were not disappointed. 

“I’ve never, ever seen as many before as I've seen out close to La Broquerie and close to Steinbach, ever,” says Richter.

Eagles perched in trees.Thorunn Richter spotted numerous bald eagles in a row of trees near La Broquerie. (Photo Credit: Thorunn Richter)

 While bald eagle sightings are very common this time of year, it is still remarkable when large numbers are spotted in one area. They tend to stick around as long as they can find food. 

Snowy Owls are also moving into the region right now, coming from the north. They are often spotted perched on top of hydro poles.

Snowy Owl sits on top of a hydro pole.A Snowy Owl sits on top of a hydro pole. (Photo Credit: Thorunn Richter.)