A woman from Tolstoi brings her homemade food and clothing she has sewn to various markets.   

Kailynne Koster says she found an interest in foraging when she moved into her new home.

“I have lots of different types of habitats, I have wetlands, I have forests and prairies. And I just realized there's so much food out there that's just growing naturally, so I started doing lots of research to find how to preserve it and use it when it's not in season. Jams and jellies and syrups are a good way to take those fresh plants and use them all year.” 

She says her lilac syrup has a sweet floral taste. 

“It tastes like how a lilac smells. It's that flavour, just in a syrup, so you can add it into different drinks or into baking, fruit salad, it's even really good in iced coffee.” 

Koster says the dandelion jelly she makes tastes like a floral honey. 

“It's a little bit thicker, it's more of a jelly consistency, so it's not a syrup like honey, but you can use it interchangeably where you'd use honey.” 


With files from Judy Peters