When Ruth Reimer of Steinbach was buying tickets for 50/50 for Kids last spring, she was not truly prepared to end up winning the final draw, giving her $37,682.50 to use however she desired. 

Since then, Reimer has put that money toward travelling. 

Steinbach Online recently caught up with last year’s winner to find out where the winnings took her and her husband, Randy. 

“Our first trip was to Alaska,” she says. “That was our dream. We wanted to go to Alaska, and we did a cruise. We flew to Anchorage and then did the cruise down to Vancouver and then home. It was very nice.” 

That was in fall. Their second trip took them to Portugal this past spring, describing the scenery as “beautiful.” 

“That would be the one word I would use to describe it,” Reimer says. “And we did lots of long walks along the boardwalks by the coast. It was beautiful.” 

And she still has money left for another experience that is on her bucket list. Walking the streets of Israel, walking along the same paths where Jesus walked, she says. 

“I would like to see all the places in the Bible, and I'd like to read my Bible in a new light, because that's what they say happens when you're out there.” 

These trips require some planning and Reimer says she leaves that up to her husband. 

“He books all the hotels, all the places we stay. He has so many connections from people that have gone and yeah, he does a very good job.”

Ruth Reimer, Kelly Decru and Michelle Peters sit at the table selling 50/50 tickets.Left to Right: Ruth Reimer, Kelly Decru and Michelle Peters sit at the table selling 50/50 for Kids tickets.

Reimer says it was important to her that she purchase 50/50 for Kids tickets because she wants to support programs that positively impact children in our region. So, to win the grand prize... that was just an added bonus. 

This year, 50/50 for Kids supports Safe Families Canada Steinbach. This organization has a mission to create extended family-like supports for families in crisis through a community of devoted volunteers. And they're motivated by their compassionate faith to keep children safe and keep families together. 

Reimer says it only takes one ticket to win and she encourages people to get involved and support local children. 


Buy tickets for 50/50 for Kids presented by Three Way Builders and LMS in support of Safe Families Canada Steinbach and you could win up to $50,000!

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50/50 For Kids Presented by Three Way Builders and LMS Ag in support of Safe Families Canada Steinbach runs until to October 4.  

You can buy your 50/50 tickets at the following locations during business hours:  

McMunn and Yates - 107 Hwy 12 N, Steinbach  
Timberfalls - 122 52 West, Steinbach  
Pharmasave- 20 Brandt St Unit 10C, Steinbach  
Rocco's Pizza - 23 Brandt St, Steinbach  
LMS Ag - 38138 Hwy 12 N, Steinbach  

The Grand Prize Draw is on Wednesday, October 4.  

The Early Bird Draw is on Wednesday, September 27, where you can win the following:  

-Stihl RE130 Premium Electric Pressure Washer from The Rental House valued at $479.99  
-Seasonal Trends Outdoor Fireplace from McMunn and Yates Valued at $159.99  
-GOLD detailing package from Steinbach Dodge Valued at $259.95  

All draws will take place at 105-32 Brandt St, Steinbach and broadcast live on the SteinbachOnline YouTube channel at 10:00 AM.  

Thank you to our amazing sponsors:  

  • McMunn and Yates  

  • Timberfalls  

  • Pharmasave  

  • Rocco's Pizza  

  • LMS Ag  

  • The Rental House  

  • Friesen Drillers  

  • RMB Plumbing  

  • PV Esau Insurance  

  • Century 21  

  • Agassiz Shore Development  

  • Steinbach Dodge  

  • Super Splash  

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