Every other Tuesday, Kevin Wieler, from Wieler's Computer Solutions stops by the studio with knowledge. Knowledge on how to fix, even the simplest things on our computers. This morning -- the chat was about memory sticks and here are the notes he left me:

How to check Size of Files and Backup to a memory stick

In Windows - Click on the area that you want to backup. Ctrl-A will select all the files. Right click and then left click on properties. You will see the amount of files and the total size of everything.

In Mac - Right click or Control click for menu then Get Info. Look for the size.

Plug in Memory Stick.

Windows - Will pop up with a window and say now drive installed, ei e: Pay attention to the drive letter. Right click send to. Eject the drive - bottom by clock may have to click on the upfacing arrow, picture of USB with green checkbox. When you hover over you'll see Safely Remove.

Mac - Will pop up on the desktop. Mover over to the folder. Eject the drive - drag the drive from the desktop down to the trash, which will change to an eject symbol.

Now, if you understand all of that -- good for you. If you don't -- do what I would do -- CALL KEVIN! 371.2969. Thanks Kevin!