has just added an exciting new feature: a Live Webcam focused on the construction activity and traffic at the intersection of Brandt Street and Loewen Boulevard.

Construction activity at the intersection of Loewen and Brandt has officially commenced, marking the beginning of the two-year-long project. The webcam will offer a front-row seat to the transformation as it unfolds, capturing the construction progress, changes to routes and potential traffic congestion.

This new view of Steinbach is in addition to the unique perspective on the construction of the Southeast Event Centre already provided by the SCU Live Webcam. That live feed has allowed viewers to watch the hustle and bustle around the event centre since March 6, 2023.

The new Live Webcam focused on Brandt and Loewen also serves as a practical tool for commuters, helping navigate potential delays and staying informed about road conditions in real-time.

Check out and bookmark the Live Webcams on and come back often to check on the progress.


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