On one of the hottest days of the year, so far, three children with permission from their parents have decided to set up a table under a big oak tree on their front yard and sell homemade cookies and pink lemonade. The Watt family lives along Ridge Road, south of Steinbach. Their family farm is about 7 miles west of Hwy 12 and less than a mile from Hwy 216. 

The Watt children's hand-printed poster inviting passers by to stop for a refreshing beverage and homemade cookie on Wednesday.The Watt children's hand-printed poster inviting passers by to stop for a refreshing beverage and homemade cookie on Wednesday.

Hunter, the oldest of the Watt children, tells us why. “We're selling lemonade for some kids in Africa to get money for school.” 

According to their mother, Nicole, the children are attending the Steinbach EMC DVBS program this week, and they heard about the orphanage and decided to help with a lemonade stand.

Hunter tells us why this is important for him. “Because their mom died and their dad died, so they went to an orphanage, and they need money for school.”

Blayke Watt gets ready to pour refreshing lemonadeBlayke Watt gets ready to pour refreshing lemonade.

When asked who made the cookies, the youngest Autumn, chimes in. "I made them. Me and mom. We made double-chocolate and just normal chocolate chip cookies.”

Mom Nicole says it was initially her children’s idea to set up the stand, and together they decided that today, Wednesday, would be the day. She tells us why, on such a warm day.

“Well, tomorrow's the last day of VBS, and this was a perfectly hot and wonderful day for the community to come out and to take advantage cold lemonade and fresh baked cookies.”

When asked about the heat wave, Watt notes, “Well, after such a long stretch of rain as a farmer, I'm kind of happy for the heat, so things are going to start growing. So, this is a blessing.”

Then when it comes to her children, warm days, and summer vacation, Watt says, “They're farm kids, so they are outside quite a bit, but this is a wonderful opportunity to put some direction in their day in the summer holidays and just give back to those that are less fortunate.”

Driveway marker for Ridge Road home

The pop-up lemonade stand will be set up until 5:30pm on Wednesday. Watt sends out an invitation,  “So, we're just down Ridge Rd. So come on down while supplies last.”