There’s room for more people to join the volunteer fire department in Ste. Anne. 

Jeremy Dueck works in the area and joined the fire department three years. 

Working locally means he is also available for daytime calls, which is important because many firefighters are working too far away to respond to calls when they are at their day job. 

“I wanted to serve my community,” Dueck says. “I work around town, I farm here. I saw a need, so I applied and was accepted.” 

And he hasn’t looked back. 

“The training is hectic, the schedule can be hectic, going on calls isn't always at the opportune time. Sometimes it's at night, sometimes it's when you would rather be doing other things. But duty calls, right? And you signed up for a reason, so we show up when the pager goes off.” 

Dueck appreciates having a supportive family and he points out that many sacrifices are made by families of firefighters. 

Cole Jones agrees with that statement. It was nearly five years ago when he became a firefighter. 

“I moved to Ste. Anne in 2019 from Oakbank,” he recalls. “I played hockey out in Ste. Anne, and I knew they did have the volunteer firefighting out here and they were looking for people to volunteer,” Jones says. “So, I ended up applying and the camaraderie between all the guys really is like, kind of like the hockey dressing room in a sense, right? The family, everybody's out here to watch your back.” 

Jones says it feels good to be able to give back to the community in this way.

Although there are missed dinners and family events, both Jones and Dueck know the value in having a strong team of firefighters to serve the people in the area.

An open house took place on Monday evening and recruitment packages were available for anyone interested in applying. 

You can also click here for the recruitment package available on the town’s website. You will also find helpful information in creating a home fire escape plan. 

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