As temperatures soar this week, local pools are gearing up for a surge in visitors eager to beat the heat. The Steinbach Aquatic Centre and the Grunthal Outdoor Pools are both expecting a couple of busy days ahead, with families and children flocking to the cool waters to escape the relentless sun.

At the Steinbach Aquatic Centre, Jane Hanson, the facility manager, shares her anticipation for the upcoming 30-degree days. "It's really nice to finally have some really good summer weather and hopefully that will bring people out to cool off in the pools.”

Steinbach Aquatic Centre outdoor pool (Photo credit: City of Steinbach website)Steinbach Aquatic Centre outdoor pool (Photo credit: City of Steinbach website)

Around the end of June, Hansen noted a noticeable increase in attendance. "As soon as school lets out, the kids want to come. And yeah, we're seeing good numbers and lots of people coming out, it's great."

When asked about the lifeguards' experience during hot days, Hansen noted, "They are really enjoying being outside and are looking forward to working with people outside."

While at the outdoor pool at the Grunthal Park, Georgia Friesen, a seasoned head lifeguard with four years under her belt, talks about a cooler summer. "Last year, the weather was not great, and so in July, half of us lifeguards were sick, and so not a lot of people coming to public swim at all."

Friesen notes that this year's scorching temperatures have brought a welcome change, with pools bustling with activity. She describes a recent busy weekend.

"This last Saturday, it was just two of us lifeguards, and it was so hot that we reached capacity and had to kick some people out because legally, two guards can only guard 80 people." 

Friesen says their pool is always busy, especially on warm days. "Everybody comes with a massive beach bag, and they've always got lots of stuff for their kids. We don't allow drinks other than water on the pool deck, so we just assume that they're drinking water out of their water bottles." 

Friesen adds that as lifeguards they too need to take measures. "I'll bring out sunscreen and tell the guards to apply it just to make sure because we're outside all day and the pool has a reflection that's very strong."

Outdoor pool south of GrunthalOutdoor pool south of Grunthal, waiting for summer swimmers.

Both facilities are accommodating to families, offering various passes and payment options. In Grunthal, Friesen says they don’t usually reach capacity like they did last weekend, "So there's usually always room. But visitors should still plan on being patient, and enjoy the rest of the park, like the play structure and picnic area, in case the pool is too full.”

While at the Steinbach Aquatic Centre, Hansen emphasizes the importance of securing your spot before arriving at the pool. "I think probably the biggest one is to pre-book. You can do that either online or call in and let us know. We'll help you out with that, just to make sure that you can get a spot here at the pool."

As the heat warning continues across southeastern Manitoba, both Jane Hansen, from the Steinbach Aquatic Centre and Georgia Friesen, from the outdoor pool near Grunthal, expect their facilities to be used to cool off, feel refreshed, as well to have fun all summer long.