The Hanover School Board has received updated enrollment numbers and Superintendent Shelley Amos says the student population continues to grow

She notes the division enrollment is approximately 160 over what they had budgeted for. 

“We've grown about another 23 students from the last public meeting where we reported,” Amos says. “Part of the growth is still people coming back who might have been home schooled for the past couple of years, but another part of the growth is actually immigration in large part. 

 Amos notes students are coming from Ukraine as well as other countries. 

Looking at the enrollment report, kindergarten numbers are nearly identical to the number of students graduating this year. 

“Of course, unknown yet how many new students would move into the area or how much immigration will happen before the next school year starts,” she adds. 

A recent report to the board indicated kindergarten enrollment is at 594 students. 

There are 593 students currently enrolled in grade 12 in the Hanover School Division. 

Amos notes that number is lower than they had expected for this school year. 

“We’ve been running under budget number all year, whether we were just off a little bit on our budgeting, whether or not as many came back from home school and are doing some distance learning at home instead.”