The Hanover School Division ended September with 119 more students than was projected. 

Superintendent Shelly Amos says the first month of the new school year had 8,357 students. 

“Of those numbers, we have a high population of immigration that has happened,” she says. “So, we have over 80 students from a variety of countries that have come in. And so, our schools are in good shape. We've been responsive and added additional staff where need be. And our count will go off, officially to the province. I anticipate it will still fluctuate and grow throughout the rest of the year.” 

Amos says student numbers have grown quite a bit in Steinbach. 

“In particular, both middle schools, the Southwood School catchment area and then trickling up to the SRSS as well,” she reports. 

Meanwhile, Amos has spent a bit of time in various Hanover schools this fall and is encouraged by the atmosphere. 

“There are smiles,” she says. “All the activities are happening. Sports is happening, extracurricular, drama, all of that stuff that we haven’t been able to do in a robust fashion.” 

Amos says this school year has started with fresh energy and feelings that resemble pre-COVID school years.