Food banks in the Southeast want to offer more support to families with young children. 

Aurele Boisvert says the food bank in Ste. Anne has 26 registered children who are under five years of age. 

“We want to make sure that they're getting the proper nutrition,” he says. “And so, we're studying that and seeing how we can answer and address that situation. It's very important. Right now, we have 6 babies between zero and two years old. It's important that they have the proper nutrition through the development of the brain and the body because by the time they get to school, sometimes the damage is already done.” 

South East Helping Hands in Steinbach is also supporting more young children as their overall numbers climb. 

Ken Dyck says they are also happy to receive donations of infant formula and baby food. 

Meanwhile, he notes that as the number of registered families climbs, monetary donations are also coming in. 

“It comes in waves,” Dyck reports. “We get a check from somebody, or somebody drops off cash. It's throughout the year that it’s coming in. We can keep hydro, and everything paid, and taxes and everything is paid. So, I mean, so far, yes, it's working.” 

Food banks often have incredible buying power which allows monetary donations to stretch beyond what the average citizen can purchase for the same dollar value. 

Dyck and Boisvert note that all donations are appreciated.