Do you have roller skates collecting dust in the corner of your storage room? This is an opportunity to pull them out and skate again.  

Vivian Bott of the Steinbach Rockin’ Rollers says they were seeking ways “to stay active” and saw a need for a space to roller skate.  

The Steinbach Rockin’ Rollers is a group that skates together on Sundays from 5 PM to 7 PM at the Pat Porter Active Living Centre. 

When her brother-in-law told her about the group, she was “ecstatic.” 

“I joined and I'm a regular skater. I'm not young, I'll put it that way. I'm probably the oldest skater and I look forward to it every single week,” Bott says. “We have a lot of activity and a lot of great fun.” 

Bott encourages everyone to join in on the fun, regardless of age and experience.  

“It's for any age, any skill set. We're just a casual group and you can come and just go at your own pace. You sit down when you want to take a break and the music is great and the lights are awesome,” Bott explains. “We've got good volunteers, so if you have any questions or if you need any help, we're always there to help you.” 

She adds that if kids want to attend, an adult must come to supervise.  

Those interested in roller skating can head to Steinbach Rockin’ Roller’s Facebook page or the Pat Porter website to register. Bott says that the Facebook page is where members can stay up to date on all things Steinbach Rockin’ Rollers. However, she adds that drop-ins are also welcome. Two hours of skating is $3 for Pat Porter members and $5 for non-members. 

With files from Dave Anthony.