There was a packed house at the Grace Mennonite Church in Steinbach last night as the Eastman Male Choir and the Steinbach Youth Chorus combined for an incredible spring concert. 

They raised over $3000, and all the proceeds went to the Bethesda Foundation. 

Shannon Sawatzky, the conductor of the Eastman Male Choir, says it was great to put on another concert. 

“The men have not had their final spring concert in I think three years, and so just for them to have a chance to sing all the songs we've worked so hard on in front of a packed house, it was just really exciting to be able to do that after such a long time.” 

Gabi Gallo, the conductor of the Steinbach Youth Chorus, says it was really neat to see all different ages of people singing on the same stage.

"I think the biggest thing that I saw looking at all these generations of people singing together was how important music is no matter your age, no matter what, and how much it brings to our lives. And to hear their voices together was really special.” 

The Steinbach Youth Chorus is made up of kids in grades 5-8, and the Eastman Male Choir is 18+.

Sawatzky says the big mass choir song where both choirs sang together was extra special. 

“I know of one particular grandpa who got to sing with his granddaughter and the tears were just running down his face, and I just think 'what a legacy of music we are leaving to the kids and passing it on from generation to generation.'” 

Dr. Curtis Krahn spoke on behalf of the medical community which is so thankful to Bethesda Foundation. 

He says the concert was a great reflection of how the community gets behind healthcare and healthcare workers. 

“It's just a reflection of how this community has supported healthcare, it's supported Bethesda Foundation, it's supported the doctors and the nurses and all of the other allied health professionals for so many years, decades in fact.” 


With files from Michelle Sawatzky