While many residents of southeastern Manitoba enjoyed the sunshine and warm temperatures Thursday afternoon, city of Steinbach Parks and Rec crew were spotted along Main Street doing some spring cleaning.

Staff noted that they appreciated the cloud-free sky as they were taking the old mulch out of the boulevards and then replacing it with new product.

When asked where the old mulch was going, Jake, who called himself an older-summer student said, “It goes to the landfill site.”

One lane of Main Street traffic was closed while they worked.

Mom's on the Move group talking a walk Thursday afternoon in Steinbach."Mom's on the Move" group talking a walk Thursday afternoon in Steinbach.

Also enjoying the warm day was “Mom’s on the Move”.  

Madison explains their group. “It's a Facebook group which is just getting moms together to get out. Take part in some activity and just also for contact. We get some tips and some tricks from other moms. It's a nice little community we got going on.”

One mom shares why she enjoys it. “Honestly, it's great. Like, if I didn't have these moms to get out with, I would go stir crazy.” 

Another mom says the sunshine is very welcoming. “It's beautiful. It's the perfect time.”

Madison says they have all ages of children in their mom-group, from newborn to 1 year old. “If you're a mom, we already have something in common.”

She adds they try and get out at least once a week. “I kind of, take a look at the week and then I go from there, and then I post it on our Facebook group and then whoever can join, can join. I just post the date, time, location. And then it's just free. If you can stop by, stop by.”

The other moms in the group appreciate the fact that it’s a walk, not a race. “We just walk. It's not like we're out here doing jogs with our strollers. This gets us out of the house. And then also, if you're going out for a walk and you don't see a walk that's been posted, just message us and anyone can join you.” 

Other people were seen cycling or playing tennis, while city street sweepers were getting the last signs of winter off the roads.

Temperatures coming up to the weekend are expected to soar to +28 on Saturday, before cooling down just a bit for Mother's Day Sunday.