A performing artist from Blumenort will be attempting to set a Guinness World Record with his magic.

Brett Hogan, who goes by the stage name Brett Oddly and specializes in escapes, sideshow, and dangerous magic, will be attempting the most magic tricks performed upside down in 60 seconds. 

Hogan explains that there are three different types of records that you can apply for within Guinness. He says you can attempt to beat an existing record, attempt to set a record from a pre-approved list, or apply for a completely new record. Hogan says he found this record on their list and decided to give it a shot. 

Guinness has pre-determined how many magic tricks Hogan must perform while hanging upside down. That number is 15. Hogan says he is not allowed to have an assistant. The tricks also cannot be too similar and must be pre-approved by Guinness. 

"I'm going to try for 16," says Hogan, referring to how many tricks he is aiming for. 

Hogan says he will have 19 tricks ready to go, in case he has time to perform that many. 

The attempt will be made on Friday, July 12th at 2 pm at Prairie Circus Arts in Winnipeg. 

"I'm getting a little stressed out of this attempt," he admits.

As of Monday, he has successfully rehearsed 11 tricks in 33 seconds. Hogan says he is trying to add one more trick each day in order to get to 16 by Friday. 

If Hogan is successful in setting the Guinness record on Friday, there is still a lot of work to be done before he officially receives credit. For example, statements are needed from witnesses, timekeepers, his photographer, and videographer. There is also a slow-motion video that needs to be inspected and approved. Hogan says the entire approval process could take four weeks. It is either that or flying in a Guinness judge to witness the attempt and hand out a certificate on the spot. But Hogan says having a judge there would cost him at least $10,000.

Before Friday's attempt, Hogan also had to film himself performing the tricks and sending slow-motion and fast-motion video to Guinness. He notes unfortunately he had to reveal a couple of his secrets, as Guinness wanted to ensure they were actually tricks. 

Tricks he will be attempting on Friday include an appearing wand, a colour-changing wand, a card trick that swaps places, and a key that appears out of nowhere. 

"There's a lot of variety in there," he says. "Every trick has different props as per Guinness rules. There's a lot to it."

If the name Brett Oddly sounds familiar, it could be that you saw him perform at Summer In The City in downtown Steinbach. Hogan says he always uses that festival to launch his new season. He adds it usually serves as the first show of the summer for him, allowing him to perform new material that will be built into his Winnipeg Fringe Festival show. Hogan will be performing at this year's Fringe Festival from July 17-28.

But, before then, his focus is on this Guinness attempt. 

"I'm looking forward to having that certificate on my mantel," he says. 


With files from Corny Rempel