The Town of Ste. Anne has grown a lot in the past few years, and Mayor Yvan St. Vincent says that will not slow down. 

“We do have a focus in the next year on trying to grow our economic development with some exciting news that's going to be announced in 2023,” he says. “We also we have councillor Jason Einarson who is very passionate about the economic development. We all are, but he's certainly taking the lead on wanting to see some commercial growth in our town. Our next step is to attract some commercial development and we are reviving our community Development Board to try to make that happen.” 

Census numbers released in 2022 indicated the Town of Ste. Anne as the fastest growing area in the Southeast with a population of 2,891.

St. Vincent says the community is well positioned for continued growth, especially because of where the town is located. 

“The last couple of councils I've been on, and I know this one also has that feel, that where there's a definite appetite to keep growing,” he says. “We see ourselves really well positioned at the corner of Highway 12 and #1 to continue to grow.”

St. Vincent says they will also need to focus on recreation

“Our recreation infrastructure is in rough shape,” he explains. “And there's going to be some difficult and important decisions to make in that area. We want all our stakeholders at that table to help us make those decisions on where the priorities are to be in the recreation area.”