The Mitchell U11 team used late gamer heroics in their final matchup to win the Provincial Championship this past weekend and three players broke down the weekend.

William Penner, Dryden Kuhl, and Rory Durksen all played key roles in the weekend and talked about the 6 game grind that was capped off in a championship.

"We started off strong," explains pitcher/first baseman Penner. "We won our first game against the Winkler Blue Jays 5-0. In our second game on Friday, we turned things up and we mercyed Lundar 10-0 to get off to a 2-0 start."

Pitcher/shortstop Kuhl says Saturday was a roller coaster of a day. "Our first game we beat Steinbach 5-0, which for us is huge, there is a rivalry there so to win that game was big for us, it felt good for us to win 5-0. That was a fun game. In our second game, we lost a close game to Winkler Nationals, 1-0. They threw a really good pitcher at us and they ended up coming out on top."

After Saturday, the team record was 3-1. Sunday would be filled with drama and thrills.

"We were all really excited," explains second baseman and expert closer Durksen. "We were playing Hartney in the morning. We were down 3-1 but we battled and managed to score two runs to force the game into extra innings. We were able to get the job done in extra innings, winning 4-3."

More late-game magic would be needed in the final game against the Winkler Mariners.

"We were down 5-1 going into the last inning," Durksen says with a grin. "We managed to get runners on 2nd and 3rd. I managed to bring them both in with a triple. I scored after which brought in the tieing run. We were all so excited, it was just an amazing time."

Durksen was the pitcher who locked down the 6-5 win. He says that feeling of closing out that final game was the highlight of the weekend for him. "I just knew we were going to win. I walked a guy to start but the settled down, go the three outs and we could celebrate."

Penner says to win is great but to do it with this group of Mitchell ball players makes it all the more special. "To go through the highs and lows, to win with this group, it's just something else."

Kuhl believes the support from family and fans made it all the more sweet to win. "It was just incredible. To catch that last out at first base and to hear the pop of the mitt before celebrating, it was special. Having people around to cheer us on, it just made it all really great."

The Mitchell U11 group will look to continue to grow together and have more things to celebrate in the future.