In what is becoming a regular occurrence, the washrooms in the Kleefeld Park have been hit by vandals.

Jason Peters is Manager of Recreation and Community Services for the Rural Municipality of Hanover. He says it seems every couple of weeks those washrooms are being vandalized. Peters says this most recent time saw considerable damage done to the building, including a lot of paint splatter, graffiti on the walls, and damage to the toilets. 

"The volunteers and staff who are dealing with it are having to regularly clean up," notes Peters. "Something that we are working to bring to a stop for sure."

Peters notes after a good thorough professional cleaning, most of the vandalism from this most recent attack has been dealt with. Therefore, the facility is usable again. 

"But we're certainly going to make some changes in the short term and have the building locked down a little bit more and open it only for rentals until we can get to the bottom of the situation," he says. 

Peters calls it disheartening to have this happen over and over.

"The park is well used," he says. "We have families in the park all the time, people of all ages trying to use it and obviously you just want to provide washroom facilities and basic amenities for our residents and for visitors to use."

He says it is really unfortunate when the actions of a few people impact the ability of the municipality to provide those services to residents. 

According to Peters, vandalism to their facilities is something they deal with every year. He says it does happen in other communities and seems to be cyclical. This year, Kleefeld is the target. 

"This year Kleefeld has taken the brunt of it," he notes. "There's been a number of incidents elsewhere but nothing with the same frequency for sure."

Peters says though the vandalism in the park in Kleefeld does not appear to be happening on a regular schedule, it is taking place every couple of weeks. He adds the uptick started around May, once the weather warmed up. 

"Certainly, would really appreciate the community's eyes and ears in helping maybe identify who might be responsible," asks Peters. 

He notes they are working on solutions to bring this to a stop. Peters asks anyone with information on who might be responsible, to contact RCMP. 




Vandals struck again in the Kleefeld Park. This has been an ongoing issue.

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