Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue has issued an urgent plea for more foster homes to care for puppies after a very busy weekend. 

Jacqueline Morgan says one puppy was found abandoned and has been placed in a foster home. 

Then two puppies, very underweight, were discovered in a bucket along Highway 12. The finder was working in the area and noticed the large plastic bin and decided to investigate.

When the lid was opened, they found two skinny puppies. SAAR immediately took them in and is lining up medical care.

Two skinny puppiesThese puppies are now in the care of Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue. (Photo submitted)

Plus, 10 puppies, less than a month old, are coming into rescue because their mom is no longer nursing them. 

Morgan says those pups require a lot of care right now. She says the owners of the mom had believed their dog was spayed when they got her and had no idea that she was pregnant until these little ones arrived. 

SAAR needs to find five foster homes this week to be able to place all these puppies.

A wooden enclosure filled with 10 puppiesThese 10 puppies were born on December 21 and foster homes are needed until they are ready for adoption. (Photo submitted)

 Morgan says the rescue was already short on foster homes for dogs, and now, the need is dire.

Click here for online applications to become a foster home.

If you are unable to help care for these dogs, Morgan says financial donations will help cover the veterinary expenses, as well as food costs. 

She also urges pet owners to get their pets spayed and neutered.

A type of bull dog.This pup also came into SAAR care this weekend. He is currently in a foster home. (Photo submitted)