Mayor Richard Pelletier is excited to see the new census numbers that indicate the Town of Ste. Anne is the fastest growing area in the southeast.

Ste. Anne grew by 36.8 per cent and now has a population of 2,891.

need and what they want. We listen to them.”

>Town of Ste. Anne Mayor Richard Pelletier

“We’re by the number 1 highway, in the centre of Canada,” he says. “And having the services that we have; we have the hospital, the clinic, we have the police station. We have a very peaceful town that people are moving in, one after another and promote the fact that they love living in Ste. Anne.”

Pelletier says he frequently hears residents commenting on how much they enjoy living in the community.

Ste. Anne is known as a bilingual community but Pelletier is quick to point out that there are many cultures and languages in Ste. Anne. He feels proud of that and points out the community is very welcoming of everyone, regardless of age, language or culture.

Pelletier says he is inspired by everyone and has dreams of helping make the community an even better place that will provide more services and recreational opportunities for everyone.