The R.M. of La Broquerie saw a lot of building permits issued last year with a value more than double the previous year. 

While the number of permits was similar to 2021, Reeve Ivan Normandeau says permit values were a lot higher in 2022, mainly due to some big projects. 

“The biggest one, for sure by far, is the big renovations that the DSFM are doing to the French school here at École Saint-Joachim,” he notes. “That one was just over $20 million, so that's one of the bigger ones. We also had our fire hall last year and plus a couple of barns for local farmers.” 

Last year, the R.M. of La Broquerie issued 175 building permits worth $56,884,731.60 while 2021 saw 174 building permits worth $23,691,128.00. 

Normandeau points out there continues to be a lot of residential construction in the rural areas of the municipality. 

He says it is quieter in the LUD of La Broquerie, “where not as much construction is going on because there’s a lack of building lots.” 

Normandeau says council is working to address that problem. 

Overall, considering the development throughout the municipality, the reeve says it is an exciting time to serve on council and be part of this success. 

He adds the municipality has spent years making La Broquerie a desired place to live, work and play. 

“It goes to show all the hard work we've done in the past with adding walking trails to rural, all the stuff we do in our recreation with our baseball diamonds and the rink and everything that comes with it.” 

He says it is important for council to also work on maintaining services to current residences while helping the municipality grow.