A resident who lives just outside of Île des Chênes area says a hailstorm flattened her garden this weekend. 

Gina Lambert-Wery says her property was hit Sunday evening around 7 PM. 

“I was contemplating if I had to go outside and start watering my garden and my flowers. We started getting some rain so I was a little bit happy that I could take the break and didn't have to go out there because I water everything by hand with rainwater and then about 20 minutes later, the hail came. It was extremely intense, very loud.” 

Since moving onto her property six years ago, Lambert-Wery notes “I don't think we've ever had hail like that on our street before.” 

She adds “I would say a good 50% were nickel sized. The gutters were overflowing like a waterfall. But it was a waterfall of hail-balls. It was a lot and there was spot where it was definitely a good six inches deep.” 

Two photos, one of a pile of hail and the other of a pile of hail Photo provided by Gina Lambert-Wery

Lambert-Wery says she is an avid gardener with tons of annuals, perennials, and a fair-sized vegetable garden. She describes the hail damage on Sunday as “Pretty catastrophic.” 

“Leaves destroyed, flowers gone, pedals ripped off, all my tomato plants are damaged, bruised, broken limbs, and this was supposed to be an ideal week for your annuals and for your tomatoes and your cucumbers. I was really looking forward to the hot weather because those plants need it, but I guess we'll just have to see if any of them bounce back.” 

Lambert-Wery notes she will salvage as much as she can, but she still has a hard time thinking about the damage.  

“I'll probably have to go outside maybe this weekend and start pruning all of the damaged parts, which will probably leave sticks behind, but it is what it is. It could have been worse. If this would have happened in August, when all your tomatoes are full of their beautiful fruit, then that would have been even more devastating, I guess, but there's nothing I can do.” 

hail on a front porch Photo provided by Gina Lambert-Wery