Steinbach is pacing ahead of last year when it comes to the number of house sales. 

Jeremy Davis is with the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board. He says through the first six months this year, there were 103 single-family home sales from 138 listings. By comparison, there were 91 sales from 130 listings during the same period a year ago. 

The average selling price so far this year is $371,249, which is an increase of 15 per cent over last year when the average was $321,853. 

The highest-priced sale this year has been just over $800,000. Last year by the end of June, the highest-priced sale was just over $600,000.

The picture is a little different for condominium sales in Steinbach. From January 1st through June 30th this year, there were 24 sales from 27 listings. Last year, during that same time, there were 32 sales from 41 listings. 

Davis says the average selling price this year has been $237,541, which is up by about 10 per cent over last year's $215,877.

According to Davis, Steinbach is not alone when it comes to a surge in single-family home sales. He notes the entire market region had the exact same percentage increase in the first half. 

"In terms of MLS sales for all property types across our market region, April was the third best on record, May was the second best on record," he points out. "The first half totals for MLS sales for all property types and dollar volume were the third best on record."

He adds that for the first six months of this year, Steinbach was the area outside of Winnipeg that had the most residential detached homes sold in January, March, April, and June. It came in second place in both February and May.

Davis notes the success of Steinbach's first half can really be attributed to the second quarter. He says after the first quarter, residential detached MLS sales were down 18 per cent from last year. Davis says the second quarter more than doubled its sales performance from the first quarter. 

As for the average selling price, Davis says it is more affordable to buy a home in Steinbach than in other parts of the region, where the average selling price across our market region is $424,193.

Davis says all in all it has been a positive start to the year, with Steinbach headed in a favourable direction. He notes there have been some historic months already in 2024 and says it will be interesting to see how the rest of the year shapes out, especially with some expecting the Bank of Canada to trim interest rates again.