La Broquerie municipal council has decided to change the name of its public library. 

It was decided Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library needed a name that clearly indicates it is a public library, and not exclusive to the school.

Council voted in favour of changing the name to Bibliothèque Municipale La Broquerie Municipal Library. 

Reeve Ivan Normandeau says it is great to have this resource in the municipality and council feels a name change will make it more obvious that it is a public space. 

“It’s attached to our French school right now,” he says. “It’s a great value, it's used by many residents of the municipality and also from other municipalities.” 

During the school year, the library is reserved during the day for staff and students at Saint-Joachim. In the evening, it is open for public access. 

The library has an inventory of close to 32,000 articles: books, periodicals, videocassettes, DVD’s and CD’s, for children, adolescents and adults. 

“It’s a good asset to have, that’s for sure,” says Normandeau. 

There is a cost associated with the name change and Normandeau says the library has the funds to take care of those fees.