December 2024 is the new completion date for the huge addition at École Saint-Joachim School in La Broquerie. 

Rob Dupré-Ollinik is the secretary treasurer at division scolaire franco-manitobaine (DFSM). He says the 46,000 square foot addition was initially going to be completed by September 2024, but there have been some delays as are usual with any construction project. 

The 12 portable classrooms that are currently attached to the school are being replaced with something permanent. 

“We’re replacing those portables with 16 classrooms and at the same time we are redoing the gym, multipurpose room, and adding industrial arts and a music room,” he says.

The exterior of Les P'tits Brisous daycare in La Broquerie.The daycare centre at the school is also getting some attention this summer.


Building such a huge addition that lasts for years, it is expected that some class time will be disrupted, but he says they are intentionally planning work to minimize disturbance. 

“I believe there will be some disruptions, but again, we're trying to manage the work to minimize that and that's always the case in terms of trying to work around schedules,” says Dupré-Ollinik. “For instance, taking advantage of evenings and weekends and (holiday breaks) and things like that, to ensure that there's little disruption.” 

The project is valued at around $26-Million, he says, with funding from provincial and federal levels of government. 

“It’s been a long-awaited project and realization of a project in terms of replacing temporary structures with permanent structures and modernizing facilities and doing everything that we need to meet the needs of the community and our student population,” says Dupré-Ollinik. 

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