La Broquerie Reeve Ivan Normandeau says council is planning future projects and figuring out a financial plan to cover those costs. 

He says residents have let council know that they appreciate having the walking paths. 

“It’s already part of our budget system,” he says. “And we're expanding trails all over the municipality, so you’ll see trails going up for sure in the Marchand area and then you'll see trails going up in the rural area again for sure, so that you can see that coming for the next for sure four to five years guaranteed.” 

Normandeau says his council will focus this year on making some improvements to various areas in the municipality. 

“To be honest, we don't have any major projects for 2023,” he says. “I think we'll be just expanding on what we currently have and getting everything better.” 

Normandeau says planning is underway as council looks at ways to improve roads and drainage in the municipality. 

“We're actually working on trying to earmark which projects we want to do ahead of time so at least we're not always reacting,” he explains. “And we're also going to look at getting more ratepayers involved because the majority of drainage happens near the farming community.” 

Normandeau says local farmers can provide some helpful information when it comes to water flow and drainage solutions.