This weekend was the biggest weekend on record for Operation Red Nose (ORN) St. Malo. 

Charmaine Gosselin with ORN St. Malo says they had a massive family volunteering on Friday night. The Maynard family had five teams with Red Nose and gave out 31 rides. 

Gosselin says she knew it would be a busy weekend, and she was worried since they only had three teams scheduled for Saturday. 

“So our committee rallied together first thing in the morning, and these amazing volunteers, 3 teams stepped up, and now we had six teams for Saturday and we gave 24 rides.” 

They gave 55 rides in total this weekend and raised $1,500. 

“We brought almost 100 people home in our area, so we are thrilled about the volunteerism that went on this weekend.” 

She says it’s encouraging to see the message getting out there, and seeing how many people are planning safe rides with Operation Red Nose. 

Gosselin gives a shout-out to those from Lorette, Niverville, Grande Pointe, Ste. Agathe, and Saint Adolphe, saying the phones are ringing because of people in those areas. 

“They're doing a really good job of spreading the word. And our volunteers are having conversations with clients in their vehicles on the way home, and you can hear it in their voices, they're pumped about this service. They can't believe that we're keeping the roads safe.” 

This year is a little different than past years, as there are added weekends ORN is going to be covering. 

This upcoming weekend is a bonus weekend, as typically, Christmas lands on a weekend, and they don't usually run on Christmas.  

“So the 22nd and the 23rd is this Friday and Saturday. We're definitely looking for more volunteers on those days. And what's exciting is we have a sponsor, Winnipeg Vinyl Fencing is giving us Yetis to give away to clients when they call.” 

If supplies last, they will also be giving away Yetis to those calling in for a ride on the weekend of Dec. 29-31. 

To volunteer, visit To use the service, call Operation Red Nose for a ride at 204-347-5518. 


With files from Dave Anthony 


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