It’s been nearly a year since it was announced that the town of Niverville office building would be retrofitted to house an RCMP detachment. The projected opening of the offices was April 2023, but that date has now been pushed back 6-months.  

Niverville town council met last week in their bi-monthly meeting and got another update on the RCMP offices being retrofitted inside the current Town of Niverville building, along Hwy 311.  

Mayor Myron Dyck says, “We're at the design stage and we should have the design finalized within the next month. We've been shown some initial drafts and so there are some tweaks going back and forth. We have a cost budget we’re looking at and so, now it's about, if we add this and take away that, or take away this and add that, you know, what is the best that we can get, you know, the best bang for our buck. And so, there's some back and forth on that right now, but we would expect to have that finalized shortly. And then once the design is ready, we can award the tender and then it's about another 6-to-8-month build. So, I know we'd hoped maybe for spring 2023 but it’s probably looking more like a fall 2023 completion.” 

Plans are to have the RCMP office space take up the middle section of both floors of the Town Office building. Dyck describes the work to be done. “Whatever framing, you know, walls and floors and everything that they're going to be doing are right inside that building which will be divided into thirds.”  

He says the front third of both floors will house the town offices and staff room. The RCMP station will take the middle section of the building. “And then you'll still have the back third, if you will, for Public Works and otherwise. So, the reason behind this design was that all amenities, like town administration and the town’s emergency services, because we already have the Fire Department in the building directly beside us, would all be in the same area. And, with a building this size and with the residents asking for a greater policing presence, this was one way where we could see more RCMP members inside our community and they're still under the direction of the RCMP detachment. Given that the RCMP members will have their offices and everything in Niverville is another step towards one day having our own stand-alone detachment.”