While the wait continues for Niverville residents, the excitement of an RCMP station in town is growing among the councillors.

With the expanding community, the need for more policing has become evident. And so, for the past number of years, the town of Niverville has been working with Division ‘D’ of the Manitoba RCMP to make sure their residents felt safe.  

Niverville Town Councilor Nathan Dueck says, “We currently have an office where we do have one or two RCMP stationed as we work on building a much larger and permanent station for officers in our community.” 

Dueck says they are in the process of renovating part of their existing town office building for the RCMP offices. “We have a large space, which is basically already a steel frame building, so the building is already set up. Everything is ready to go.”

He says the town plans on spending about $800,000 to transform that space for the new RCMP station. 

The announcement was made in October 2021 and now with only 8 months until the projected move-in date, the architectural drawings are nearly complete, with construction beginning next month, and officers arriving sometime in April 2023. 

Dueck says, though their community is growing, “We've been blessed with, probably having some of the lower crime stats in southern Manitoba, which has been an amazing thing for our community. But with our growing population, it becomes a must when it comes down to our Federal Policing policies. So, we needed to make a decision whether we went with RCMP or a Municipal Police Force. We decided with the RCMP, mainly for the reason of the liability issues. And we're extremely happy that they're moving to town. We're also excited that we're going to see a greater level of enforcement in our community when we need it.” 

"In their role, the division provides front-line policing to towns and rural areas which have not established their own police services. In addition, some municipalities which are responsible under Manitoba law for their own policing have chosen to contract the RCMP to provide that service."  (taken from Bill 16 -The Police Services Act - Part 4).