“I’m very humbled and honored to have the privilege of being able to serve the wonderful people here in Niverville.”  

Myron Dyck responded to the news that he was acclaimed as Mayor for the town of Niverville for another 4 years. Dyck has been on council for 14 years, six as councillor and eight as Mayor.  

Dyck continues, “Now that we know this, it's time to start gearing up for what the next four years will entail. Of course, after the election, we'll know who the members of council will be. Then we’ve got our planning session where we will talk about what the councillors heard going door-to-door in the community and from the various conversations that have gone on during the election. But something I'm very much looking forward to is seeing what goals we'll be setting for the next four years and how we are going to achieve them.” 

Dyck has already chatted with Chris Ewen, the Mayor for the RM of Ritchot, who was also acclaimed and says, “I just congratulated him on another term and said that I really look forward to working with him to achieve what we can do together, as partners in the region.” 

He says it’s nice to know who he’ll be working with, but also that there will be some new people on board. In particular from the RM of Hanover and their new Reeve. “It’s just nice that we always have neighbors coming together for the common good of the whole region.” 

With Municipal Elections a month away, the Mayor is encouraging the residents of Niverville to take part in the democratic process.  

“We may take it for granted sometimes, and we absolutely should not. For those on the ballot, there's something about being elected. The people have chosen you. But if you've been acclaimed, it's still great, but at the same time, it would be nice to be affirmed by voters. To know that I talked to so and so and they're coming back to me and to know that they've voted for me because they've told me things, like that really gives someone the foundation on which to make decisions and goals. You know, that there are people that want this or that to be done. That if elected, I can be here to represent them and that makes you feel empowered. And so, that's what you do by coming out to vote. You are empowering them to serve on your behalf when you cast your ballot.” 

Dyck encourages the residents of Niverville to listen to the Council candidates when they come to your door. He also suggests you take notes.

“Just to make sure that you remember what was said. Then when you're reviewing the notes later, you know, 10 people said this, but you didn’t realize 15 people said that, as opposed to what that one person said. So, taking notes just helps solidify your decision. Because really, that's what we're here to do. We're here to move the community forward in the direction that the community would have us move and the candidates will be going door-to-door telling you how they hope to do that. “ 

He notes that when it comes to being able to vote for a Niverville town councillor, Dyck says, “You must have lived in town for six months or more.” He adds, “If you have moved, just be aware that your old address may still be on the voter's list. As such, if you've moved within town limits, you may want to allow yourself more time when you get to the polling station. Bring along your ID with your new address so that they'll be able to hand you that ballot.”  

Here is the list of nominees for the four seats on Niverville Town Council in the 2022 Municipal Elections:   

Jason Alderson 

Meaghan Beasant 

Nathan Dueck  

Bill Fast 

John Funk 

Kevin Stott 

Chris Wiebe 

Municipal council and School Board elections take place on Wednesday, October 26, 2022.