The October 26 Municipal Election ballot for the town of Niverville Councilors is filling up. Now officially a race for votes with one more current councillor hoping for re-election.  

Nathan Dueck and his family have lived in Niverville for 19 years. He has been involved in many organizations including, at the board level for the Hiebert Heritage Cemetery, south of Niverville, as well as the President of Niverville Health Services for the past four years.  

Dueck has this to say about his town. “I just absolutely love Niverville through and through. I’m passionate about it.”  

When asked why he wants to continue working for the town at the council level Dueck says, “I think it's an extremely great opportunity to represent the people and businesses. To help with effective communication and bring the residents’ concerns and goals and ideas to our town council and indirectly all those things add to a greater benefit for the community. I think we have a lot to bring to the community at this point. I also like people, love getting involved with starting projects and then more so seeing them to fruition once they're done. So that's also another extremely big passion of mine.” 

Dueck has six years of Niverville Town Council experience and feels they have accomplished much as a team. Listing their biggest achievements as working on improving infrastructure, health, recreation, Main Street beautification and development.  

Dueck would like to continue his work on council to see the completion of the RCMP station. He is also a strong advocate of building a new Niverville fire station within the next 2 – 4 years. One that will be big enough to house the fire personnel as well as their First Responders.  

He would also like to see Niverville transition its Health Services Inc. into an Urgent Care Facility. Dueck says, "Investing in the health of our community has been a big push as we’ve currently purchased a clinic. We have licenses for diagnostics, MRI, CT scans and ultrasounds. Our goals are to put those into place and to put those into use so that we can hopefully figure out a way of transforming our clinic into more of a hybrid concept of an Urgent Care Facility. As Niverville continues to grow to 10,000 to 15,000 people over the next decade, we don't have health care in our community, and this has to be front and foremost, to take what we have to work with and go for it." 

Dueck explains he is so passionate about encouraging growth in his town. “Because that's an extremely important thing that we need to do for our community. We have a mandate to grow our businesses and commercial development, and I truly believe that we need to continue to build Niverville into a regional hub. I'd be a huge advocate for that. We need to make sure that we talk to the province and the school division because with the growth in our community, we will be in line for another school, if not two in the next 5 to 7 years. I can't promise that that comes through because that's somewhat out of my control, but our population would suggest that we will need it. And I guess ultimately if anything, that's what we need to work on in order to, essentially become Manitoba's next city, which we're on pace for in the next five years.” 

To the question “Why put your hat in the ring?” Dueck says, “I am passionate about what I do and I have the right attitude to drive Niverville to a very successful position, with the help of our Council, our Chamber, the residents and everybody else that contributes to growth in Niverville.” 

Dueck believes Niverville will continue to be successful with leadership that doesn’t make it about themselves, but rather be the pawn. “It's the ability to connect dots and make the people that contribute to the community, make the community a better place, that’s what makes Niverville what it is today."

“As Town Council members, we're not here with our own agendas. We're not here with anything, we're just here to make that picture work and that's truly what it is. I'm a relevant piece of the puzzle, but it ultimately ends up being a fairly important aspect because you need to have that attitude and passion in order to get it done.”