A lifetime resident of the Niverville area would like to try for another term on town council.  

Chris Wiebe is completing 2nd full term and says there is still more work he can accomplish as a member of the Niverville town council.  

Wiebe talks about some of the ways council has helped the town grow. “Niverville has been in a growth boom these past few years and one of the best things we did was, we started concentrating on younger families. We now have a splash pad and our park is really coming along. Then of course, we have the Niverville Resource and Recreation Centre, which is just an absolute gem in our community. So yeah, we’ve been concentrating on the younger families.”  

Wiebe says one of his goals, when he was first elected to council was to get a business park going. “At the time, I think there were 4 lots sold in the business park and now we're going on 40 and this year we're going into phase four. So, that's coming along really well.” As well he says, “we've been able to attract businesses and manufacturing companies, you know, like even new businesses along Main Street. We’ve now got amenities like a dollar store and restaurants and things like that and so, it's on its way to being a city, and that's what's exciting for me.” 

Wiebe says there is still a lot of work ahead for Niverville and he’d like to be a part of that progress. He says, “We have to address the infrastructure in the original portion of town, as that original infrastructure is getting on to 50 years old. There is sewer work to be done.” He continues by noting that the town needs a new Firehall, the RCMP station floorplans need to be approved and the building renovated. “I'd also like to see more businesses coming to town and to keep the momentum going that we've established in the last 8 years.”  

Having spent 39 years in heavy construction, Wiebe believes his expertise in continuing to grow Niverville is very beneficial. “I still have a passion for our community. I have been involved with a lot of municipalities with my business and I have the passion to work on the things that still need getting done in town.”