Myron Dyck would like to serve another term as Mayor for the Town of Niverville. Dyck has announced he is running for head of council in the October 26th municipal election.

Dyck first became a councillor in 2008. He served six years before deciding to run for Mayor in 2014. Dyck was victorious in that election, defeating Kerry Church by only 45 votes. Four years later, Dyck won by acclamation when no other candidates stepped forward to challenge him. Now, 14 years after first joining council, Dyck is hoping to stamp his ticket to another four year term.

According to Dyck, he is running on a three pronged platform this election. If re-elected, he would like to continue building community.

"In other words, as people move into the community, to still maintain what I'm going to call that small town feel where you feel your neighbours know you, you know them," explains Dyck.

He says it is that whole mentality of lending a cup of sugar to a neighbour that he wants to continue to foster in Niverville.

If re-elected, Dyck says he would also like to continue building relationships.

"Continuing to build relationships with other levels of government, with residents obviously, with existing businesses, with people that want to move, businesses that want to move," adds Dyck.

And finally, Dyck says if re-elected, he would like to continue building destination. Because Niverville is not located along a major highway, Dyck says they need to continue to build things in the community that will attract others to Niverville.

"We've done that with our Heritage Centre, we've done that with our Community Resource Centre," explains Dyck. "And we want to continue to do that with building our medical services and other reasons for people to come to Niverville."

Dyck is the first member of Niverville Council to announce his intentions to run in the October election. Councillor candidates must wait until June 30th.