It’s been said that “A picture is worth a thousand words,” (Fred Barnard) and local photographer Jim Peters might add that a picture is also worth a thousand memories

He is enjoying his time restoring old photographs of Steinbach. 

Peters is working on a lot of photographs from his father-in-law that show what our city looked like many years ago. 

“I like old photographs; I like looking at them and the opportunity of going back and editing them, straightening them out, recovering details now digitally that you wouldn't see on a print, that are actually hidden in the print. So, a sky that might just look white. If you can pull out the details, you can often pull out cloud formations or variations in pictures that maybe weren't properly printed or processed to begin with.”

An old photo of a building being demolished with people standing around, watching.This photo of the old Southwood School being demolished was shared by Jim Peters on Vintage Steinbach's Facebook page, stirring up a lot of memories. Peters wrote, "Many good memories. I was a Gr 5 student in 1960, and then a Gr 6 teacher in 1987-1989." The building was demolished in spring of 1988. (Photo Credit: Jim Peters)

Peters will often post an old photograph on social media, quickly getting a lot of comments from people who share their memories of the building/vehicles/people in the photo. 

He received a lot of feedback from a picture of the Steinbach post office, taken around the 1960s. 

“The comments that came were about the post office and the jail. Within hours there were 60-80 comments about, ‘I remember that place.’ ‘I remember going there,’ and some people even had memories of the jail cells.” 

Peters did not grow up in Steinbach and he appreciates learning about the city’s history in this way. 

“That's been interesting to me, even though I don't know the history. A lot of the history kind of generates itself from comments that people make.” 

Here are some of the comments that were shared on Vintage Steinbach Facebook page under the photograph of the post office on Steinbach’s Main Street, taken around the 1960s:  

Audrey Goosen: Ah yes - the jail cells. My mother Margaret Goossen (Elmer), Mrs Diamond (Boyd), Mrs Jasper (Ken), Mrs Betty Smith (TG), and maybe a couple of others were looking for a private place to make personal dress forms. (Involved wearing your best undergarments, putting a lightweight chemise over it, then adding layers and layers of brown tape. Waiting for that to dry, cutting it off, repairing the cut with more layers of brown tape and then shellacking it.) They ended up in the cells. Luckily no one in town was acting up over those few days. Lots of laughs over the “what-ifs”. 

Pete Loewen: Back in the 60’s during my early elementary years, I was friends with Grant Diamond. His father Boyd, was the RCMP Sargent, and they lived up there. Grant’s playroom was the former jail cell, which we did time to time play in.  Boyd also played for and coached the Husky’s hockey team. 

Amber Klassen: Henry sobering was the first police officer and my great grandfather! This picture is so cool! 

Clint Toews: My mom and I washed the floors 1st and 2nd floors. I sat in the cells when she wasn't looking pretending I was in jail. To wax the floors my mom put on the paste and I pulled my brother Chris around on a towel .

A black and white image of an old restaurant with a sing "Johnny's Grill.""Famous (possibly even infamous) Johnny's Grill in Steinbach," shared by Jim Peters on Vintage Steinbach's Facebook page. While some comments focused on the food or the tabletop juke box, others recalled people who used to work there or who met their spouse while working there. (Photo Credit: Jim Peters)

Steinbach's 150th birthday is being celebrated this year. There was a lot of cake handed out during Summer in the City and more fun activities are planned for August 4th at the Steinbach Soccer Park.