A young baker from the Sarto area is eager to meet people and gain experience while she focuses on her goal of opening her own bakery. 

15-year-old Caitlin Penner already has a few years of baking experience under her belt. 

“I started baking for others when I was around 11. I started with cookie kits at Christmas time. I was like, ‘well, moms don't always want to have to bake and then want to decorate with their kids, so why don't I do the baking and they can just decorate and have fun with their kiddos and get much more time with them?’” 

Those cookie kits have become a hit. Now Penner bakes pies, cakes and cupcakes.  

Until she opens her own bakery, Penner says she will continue to bring her baked goods to various markets such as the vendors market that took place over the past weekend at Clearspring Centre. 

“This last year, I decided to start going to Farmer’s Markets and I honestly love getting to meet people. I've gotten to know a lot of amazing vendors and it's just such a great community. I feel like you form your own family (within the market community).” 

Penner has a true passion for baking, especially cupcakes because they can be made in a variety of ways with a variety of fillings. 

“I love baking,” she says. “It’s not even work.” 

Throughout the summer months, we can expect this teenaged baker to bring her baked treats to various markets in the region.