There are a couple of young, talented bakers in the Southeast, pouring their energy into professional creations to fill orders they are getting from the public. 

Brooklyn Wolf of Steinbach turns 16 next week and she says cake decorating is her favourite part of baking. 

“It’s a bigger palette so I can express my creativity more and there's room for like fixing and it's easier, more forgiving to work with.”

Three decorated cakes.Cake creations by Brooklyn Wolf of Steinbach. (Photos submitted)

She recently baked a couple of wedding cakes and recalls the very first time someone placed an order for one of her creations. 

“I just remember being so excited that somebody actually wanted to have what I can make and use it for their party.” 

This high school student is taking business courses to help make her dream of opening a cake shop a reality. 

Wolf started baking with her mom and was baking solo by the time she was 11 years old.

Two decorated cakes and some cupcakes.Photos submitted by Brooklyn Wolf.

While some people might find baking extravagant cakes to be stressful, Wolf has found it to be a great way to relieve stress. 

Another skilled young baker is 13-year-old Emmersyn da Mata of Falcon Lake. 

“I probably started making professional cakes four years ago. I went to a baking class with my cousin at a bakery in Winnipeg. And then after that I was like, ‘oh, this is actually really fun.’” 

Hearing her talk about the many different cakes she has made and decorated, it is easy to tell that this baker is having a lot of fun, even after four years. She is now becoming well-known in the region for her professional baking and filling orders for special occasions. 

Sometimes, she gets a really big order that requires a lot of work and attention to detail.

Three decorated cakes.Cakes by Emmersyn da Mata, a 13-year-old baker from Falcon Lake. (Photos submitted)

“There's two one-year-old girls who live out here and I had to make 50 cupcakes and two separate cakes for them because it was their cake smash.” 

Even though that project was a lot of work, she still smiles when she talks about it. 

While this young baker is quite confident in tackling unique cakes, da Mata says it is great to have access to her mom’s experience when she needs a bit of help to overcome some challenges. 

When she isn’t baking, this teenager plays hockey, baby-sits, and works on school projects like the science fair. 


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