Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre in Iles des Chenes has received $117,000 from the province to improve their programs and facilities.

MLA Ron Schuler announced the funding as part of this year’s Building Sustainable Communities Program. He notes the work that Wildlife Haven does is incredibly valuable.

"It really is a magnificent program, we have a lot of wildlife and sometimes they do get into trouble and so they come here and they get a little bit of respite, they get rehabilitated and then they are released."

(Left to right) MLA Ron Schuler, Zoe Nakata and Dominique Leclerc from Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre and Ritchot Mayor Chris EwenDominique Leclerc is the Marketing and Development Manager for the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre. She says part of their mission is to educate the public about the importance of peaceful coexistence with wildlife.

Leclerc notes that $74,000 of this grant money will go toward phase 2 of their education program including a new outdoor eagle habitat. Leclerc says this will be used for their permanent residents that cannot be released back into the wild.

"We have an eagle resident here at wildlife haven, her name is Majestic and she will be moving into this new eagle habitat on campus which will in turn allow us to educate youth as well as tourists about the importance of eagles in our ecosystem and in indigenous traditions and teachings as well. We are so thrilled!"

Leclerc says this grant money will help them improve overall awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation and the huge impact humans have on wild animals. She notes the grant shows that the province values the work that they do on a daily basis.

"We are actually going to be upgrading our education centre to include curated, professionally designed interpretive panels and displays which will in turn help us offer self-guided activities here on our campus. That is something that has never been done before and we are super thrilled to be receiving this money to help us complete this."

The remaining $43,000 will go towards summer jobs.

Majestic the eagle will be the first resident of the outdoor eagle habitat. Photo credit: Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre.