Bald Eagles have become a common sight here in southeastern Manitoba over the last few months.

Local Wildlife Photographer and Bird Watcher Dennis Fast says bald eagle sightings are very normal this time of year. He notes bald eagles tend to stay in our area as long as they can find food.

"It is not unusual at all. Sometimes I have seen west of Kleefeld, a couple of miles west in the woods there, as many as 70 or more eagles roosting for the night in late October and into November and they will certainly stay well into December yet when there is not a lot of snow and it is this mild."

Fast says this has been a fairly average fall for bald eagle populations, however, it seems sightings are becoming more common.

"I think it is pretty much average, perhaps because there are more nesting even a little bit inland, usually they used to nest near rivers only and lakes but they are nesting in big farm areas too so that is why they are flying around a lot more."