Wildlife photographer Jen Normand of New Bothwell is having a great time photographing Bald Eagles as they move through the region on their way up north. 

She recently spotted a congregation of around 30 to 40 of the raptors right here in the Southeast. 

Normand says it was an amazing sight. 

“For me, it always is (amazing) since I’m still fairly new to the game. I’ve only been doing this for a couple of years. It’s just insane the amount of eagles there are this year, a lot more than last year.”

Nine Bald Eagles sitting on a hay bale.Wildlife photographer Jen Normand is often asked for locations of her sightings, which she refuses to share. Normand says she respects the animals and people who live in the area, which is why she has decided it is best to keep location details to herself.

She notes it has been a different winter for snowy owl sightings. 

“You know, unfortunately this year, I saw none. Not in our area anyway, not in the Southeast.” 

Last year, the photographer saw at least six Snowy Owls in southeastern Manitoba. 

Normand wonders if the warm weather this winter might have kept the large birds further north. 

While she’s out and about along gravel roads, Normand encounters more than just birds. 

“I guess because it’s mating season for the coyotes, I see a lot of those, too, running around in groups of usually two or three.”