If you love watching eagles, this is the time of year when they gather in large groups here in southeastern Manitoba. 

Jen Normand of New Bothwell is always on the lookout for these majestic birds of prey, and recently spotted a convocation of eagles. 

“There must have been 33, 34 eagles. I was just stunned. I pulled over my Jeep and I was in awe. It was mind-blowing.” 

Although she often sees large groups of eagles in fall, Normand says this sighting was a bit different compared to previous years. 

“To me, it looks like a little bit more. I noticed there were a lot more younger ones, which is awesome. I mean, they’ll all doing well, which is a huge plus.” 

Whenever Normand is outdoors, her eyes are usually scanning the area in search of eagles. 

“I can come across any other animal, and it excites me too but not like the eagles do, considering that at one point, they were almost extinct,” she says. “So, this is a great comeback, for sure.” 

Out of respect for the local residents as well as the birds, Normand does not reveal the exact location of eagle sightings. 

-With files from Carly Koop


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