As the year comes to a close, La Broquerie Reeve Ivan Normandeau reflects on some of the key events in the municipality.

The new fire hall quickly comes to mind.

While it is not quite finished, Normandeau says it is nearly completed, they are waiting for a couple more pieces to finish the exterior of the building.

He says this is significant for many people in the municipality.

"It meets the needs of a growing community," Normandeau says. "It was getting very small, the old one here. Also, it's great for residents in the Marchand area who are able to get a discount on their insurance because the fire hall is closer to Marchand."

The new fire hall is located on the eastern edge of the village of La Broquerie, along Highway 52.

Normandeau adds that a lot of work went into creating opportunities for people to enjoy the outdoors.

"Three different playgrounds went up," he says. "One in Marchand, one in La Broquerie by the Hylife Centre, and one off Granger Street. We're always working on expanding our walking trail system. So, that's something that will for sure keep on going next year, especially in the Marchand area and in the rural area."